Our bookmobile is an outreach program that provides free home delivery of library materials for the citizens of Rockcastle County who are unable to visit the library.


February Bookmobile Schedule

Monday, February 3rd- Brodhead, Copper Creek, Brindle Ridge

No Service 4th or 5th

No service 10th and 11th

Mon. February 17th- Livingston, Red Hill, Calloway, Pine Hill

Tues. February 18th- Scaffold Cane, Clear Creek, Wildie

Wed. February 19th- Day Health/ Senior Citizens, Wayne Stewart Center, Cave Valley Apts.

Mon. February 24th- Spiro, Level Green, Willailla, KY HWY 3245, Bryant Ridge

Tues. February 25th- Ottawa and Bee Lick

Wed. February 26th- Child Development, Seek and Learn, Tic Toc Preschool, Lisa’s Little People

No service if no school due to weather conditions.


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