The Rockcastle County Public Library is proud to unveil our new website.  After months of planning, the website offers new features, clear navigation, improved searching, mobile friendly responsiveness, and a fun, new look.

Some of the new features include:

  • New sliding feature boxes at the top with dots so you know how many are there rather than having to wait for them to rotate
  • There is a new staff listing with photos of the key Library contacts – if you somehow don’t know who Pam is, you can now put a face to the name.
  • Redesigned and updated Signal archives, including a new search feature (coming soon!)
  • We have updated information on all the pages to make sure it is current

RCPL serves thousands of community members both through the physical library and our online platforms including web and digital collections.  We began this project knowing that many of our customers were using our website from their mobile devices.  Although our previous website worked hard for us for years, it could no longer keep up with current technology.

RCPL has been the official public library of Rockcastle County for over 60 years. Over that time our understanding of what it means to serve the community has changed and evolved.  We hope you take advantage of our new offerings and services.  As always, we look forward to serving you in new ways in the decades to come.

We will be making minor tweaks over the next few weeks once we can see it in action, but we would love to hear what you think about it in the meantime.

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