Digital Magazines

With RB Digital’s Digital Magazine collection (formerly Zinio magazines), you have access to full-text digital versions of a wide collection of magazines, including such popular titles as Esquire, The New Yorker, Elle Canada, Cosmopolitan, and The Economist.

How It Works


Signing Up for an Account

To start reading a magazine, you will need to sign up for an account (if you already have an account, just sign in with your current username and password):

  1. Go to RCPL’s Digital Magazine Collection page.
  2. Select Create New Account, in the top right-hand corner.
  3. Enter your Library Card Number. Then you will be asked to enter your first and last name and your email address, and to create a password (your password must be at least 7 characters and include both letters and numbers).
  4. Click Create Account to agree to the site’s Terms of Use. Afterwards you can browse the titles available right away.

The next time you visit, all you need is your email and the password you created to login.

Checking Out Magazines

As soon as you’ve set up your account you can browse the collection and check out magazines right away. The collection is organized with the most popular titles on the first page, then alphabetically after that. You can search for titles in the search box above the titles or filter the list by a particular genre. To check out a magazine, select the check out icon below the magazine cover on the right. Clicking directly on the magazine cover will bring you to a description page, where you can also select Check Out to add the magazine to your personal collection. Once you’ve checked out a magazine, you can choose to keep browsing or select Start Reading to begin reading your magazine in your browser immediately (be patient while the magazine loads, especially if you are using a slower Internet connection). See below for more reading options

Reading Your Magazines on a Mobile Device

To read your checked-out magazines on a tablet or smartphone, you can download the RBDigital app. This is a new app from RB Digital created specifically for the libraries. It is currently available on iPhone, iPad and Android, and can be loaded directly onto the Kindle Fire and Kindle HD. In order to log in to the app, you will use your email and password that you created while signing up for an account. You cannot register a new account while using the RBDigital app on your smartphone or tablet. This step will need to be completed beforehand on the Digital Magazine page in a web browser. See the instructions above. While accessing RB Digital on your smartphone or tablet, your magazines will appear in the Checked Out section. These are the magazines you have previously checked out to your collection from the Digital Magazine Collection. You can add more magazines to your library on the website or in the Magazines section of the app. Once in the app, you will need to download each issue that you want to read directly to your device. Once you have finished reading a magazine, you can delete it from your app to free up space on your device.

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